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Please check out these other websites.   The Way Out  has very good lessons on the Gospel of John and many other Christian items.  The Road of Happy Destiny is about Recovery from alcohol and addictions the real AA way with Jesus Christ.  Be sure to check out our E-greeting card.  Links to many other Christian sites.  And visit Phil Nelson's home page for Christian books, videos, music, website design and internet marketing.

The Way Out

Twelve Step Presentation based on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and other related material.
Tapes & Workbooks available.

Road of Happy Destiny
Recovery from alcoholism by following the path of the first one hundred of
Alcoholics Anonymous.
Real AA the Christian Way 

The Unofficial Lutefisk Website.
Lutefisk recipes, also lefse and other scandanavian delights.  Viking Sagas and info on Lief Erickson Day.

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Our E-greeting card.
Our Electronic greeting card and links to many other greeting card sites on the web.  Changes throughout the year.

Phil Nelson's Homepage
Sitebuilder and webmaster of this and many other  sites.  For Website Development and Internet Marketing check it out and call or email .

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